Did you know, it’s proven that being in contact with water promotes positive mental wellbeing – making people happier, calmer, and more creative?

A garden sanctuary that incorporates water is a great way to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. It can be designed to suit any budget -whether for a large natural pool for swimming, a small wildlife pond, or a patio or balcony water feature to simply sit back and listen to the sound of the water.

Opportunities for relaxation are especially important for those struggling with mental health. Earlier this year Broadley Aquatics chose to begin working with local charity Woking Mind who help people across Surrey. To raise awareness we talk to our clients about the benefits water can have on mental health and in the future we hope to create spaces for challenged individuals to spend time close to water. We are on the lookout for local, water-based community projects to get involved in – if you know of any please get in touch.

Woking Mind believes no one should face a mental health problem alone. They are there to listen, provide information and help to find the best support for your needs. This might include access to their wide range of services such as counselling, peer support groups, mindfulness, creative/physical activities, walking groups or other local specialists. You can get in touch with them via their website www.wokingmind.org.uk