Swim Pond Building and Maintenance | Leatherhead, Esher & Weybridge

Broadley Aquatics design, build and maintain beautiful and relaxing swim ponds in Leatherhead, Esher, and Weybridge.

Your garden could be a relaxing oasis with the right swim pond. Our natural swimming pools are both aesthetically pleasing, adding a new dimension to your outdoor spaces, and enjoyable. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced swim pond builders and designers who will create a tailored feature that blends seamlessly with your garden while meeting your expectations.

Many of our customers convert existing lakes, ponds, and swimming pools into natural swimming ponds. However, we can also create a completely new feature that will redefine your garden.

Our team of specialists are here to discuss your needs and create customised designs accordingly. Following an initial consultation, we can provide you with a comprehensive quote to bring your beautiful new swim pond to life.

Natural Pool Builders in Leatherhead, Weybridge, and Esher

To create an attractive, safe, and chlorine-free pond you can swim in, we use a natural filtration method. This consists of plant-filled beds for filtration around the pool’s edges. This naturally removes the nutrients and contaminants that bring algae, leaving you with fresh, chemical-free water.

Due to the design of our swim ponds, a natural ecosystem is created. This is great for the biodiversity of your garden while looking attractive.

Every swim pond we build is completely bespoke. Our skilled and experienced team have never built two that are exactly the same. In every design, we use the highest quality materials, and our team takes the utmost pride in every garden paradise we create.

Throughout the entire process, our team will work closely with you to ensure your swim pond meets your expectations. When building your natural pool, our builders will strive to work around you so the project does not interrupt your routine and life.

Natural Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Esher, Leatherhead, and Weybridge

Although swim ponds require little maintenance, some care and attention is necessary. We can ensure your water remains clean, safe, and healthy with routine pump inspections and regular cleaning.

We’re also here if you face any issues with your existing natural pool. Our helpful team has a deep understanding of swim ponds and can solve your problem quickly.

Swim Ponds in Weybridge, Esher, and Leatherhead

At Broadley Aquatics, we want to create a swim pond you’ll love and enjoy for many years to come. We know about natural pools and how to care for them, and we love sharing our knowledge and passion with you.

Get in touch today and schedule your swim pond consultation.

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