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January 2, 2020

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Pond Cleaning Service

November 14, 2017


When we complete a pond clean we bring an assortment of tubs, sometimes even a swimming pool is required so that we can hold onto the old pond water. We then net out the fish and keep them nice and safe with a net cover over the tubs to stop herons, cats and other predators from eating your fish.

Once the pond clean has been completed we try our best, where possible to refill with the existing pond water. The reason why we do this is the fact that tap water whilst looking clean, holds chlorine and phosphates. Chlorine is toxic to fish so we try to avoid this as much as possible. Sometimes clients want us to use tap water to make the pond clear where there is high amounts of algae present, however the phosphates in tap water helps this algae to flourish. So the answer to the green water is to either use a chemical treatment or to install a UV clarifier or simply changing the old UV bulb.

If your having an issue with green water please call us 01252 328149 or complete our contact form for a quote now.

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