Natural Swimming Pools

Choosing a Natural Pool

A natural swimming pool or swim pond offers the perfect garden paradise for swimming and being at one with nature.

Individually designed to blend effortlessly into your garden landscape, to whatever size and shape you choose, it is a beautiful feature to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Whether you are considering transforming your garden space to a natural pool, or converting an existing swimming pool, pond or lake. Our specialists are on hand to discuss your needs, and provide a quote and bespoke design, to take your natural pool dream to reality.

How natural pools work

Swim ponds use a natural method of filtration to provide fresh, safe, chlorine-free water for swimming.

Pumps circulate the water through the swimming area and into plant filled regeneration beds at the edges of the pool. These beds are designed to filter out the contaminants and nutrients which cause algae, keeping the water clean and clear without the use of chemicals.

The pools natural formation creates a living ecosystem, which not only looks beautiful but more importantly benefits the local environment.

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Natural Swimming Pool Construction, Repairs & Renovation

Our dedicated team ensure our clients are informed and delighted; before during and after a project is completed. We build ponds, natural swimming pools, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, install water features and so much more.

Construction & Renovation

Every swim pond is unique – that is what makes them so pleasing to create.

Our team would work with you on the design and then guide you through each stage of the build process, to establish your perfect garden water sanctuary.

Natural Swimming Pool Cleaning, Servicing & Maintenance

Regular natural pool maintenance is generally low effort and often likened to gardening.  Nonetheless, it is a job that Broadley Aquatics can undertake on your behalf; using our knowledge and expertise to check the functionality of the circulation pump and mechanical skimmer, check the condition of the plants and to give the whole pool a quick once over.

Alternatively, if you suspect your swim pond requires greater attention or if you have a problem please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a visit.

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Why work with Broadley Aquatics?

Surrey’s friendly team of skilled and qualified aquatics specialists for ponds, water gardens, natural swimming pools, streams, waterfalls & landscape gardening. Experts in design, construction, cleaning, repairs, filtration, advice & maintenance. Our skilled aquarists hold over 25 years experience.

Based in Farnham, we have an office open to the public overlooking our aquatics showcase. Pop in to arrange an appointment, discuss ideas, ask a quick question or just say hello! Our team are in the office from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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