Pond Building and Maintenance | Leatherhead, Esher and Weybridge

Specialist pond building and maintenance in Leatherhead, Esher and Weybridge, Broadley Aquatics are here to cover all of your pond and water garden requirements. From the initial design and build through to the everyday care and maintenance, we’re here to help with new and existing ponds and those that need a little rejuvenation.

Making your garden into a relaxing haven is easier than you think with our bespoke pond building services. Whether you envisage a cascading stream amidst a vibrant arrangement of rocks and foliage, a gentle koi pond, or a futuristic feature flanked by bold lighting, we can tailor-make it for you.

Our professional design team covers a wide area. We help design ponds in Esher, Leatherhead, and Weybridge. We’ll meet with you at the proposed site to discuss the ideas for your new or existing pond and give you a complete quote to turn your dream into reality. At this stage, we’ll agree on the size, shape, and materials used, and discuss any specific features your pond will have.

Pond Building in Leatherhead, Esher and Weybridge

Once we’ve completed the designs for your new pond, our skilled pond builders can begin work. The professional team constructing your pond will do everything possible to create your garden oasis without disruption or stress to you and your family.

All work is carried out to the highest standards, and we use the best materials to create the perfect pond for your garden. The ponds we create are works of art, and our builders take pride in ensuring every detail is perfect.

After completing your pond, we’ll tidy up so you can start enjoying spending time around it immediately. To keep your pond looking great and running smoothly, you’ll need to clean and maintain it from time to time. We’ll talk you through what you’ll need to do, and let you know about our ongoing maintenance services.

Leatherhead, Esher and Weybridge Pond Maintenance

We know that keeping your pond fresh and healthy can be a big task; however, it is an essential one. Maintaining your pond keeps it safe for any fish and other wildlife that enjoy it.

Throughout the year, fish waste, dead leaves, and algae affect the quality of your water. Cloudy, dirty water ruins the appearance of your pond, and can harm any plants and animals.

Our professional pond cleaning and maintenance services cover Surrey, including Weybridge, Esher, and Leatherhead and will keep your water fresh and healthy. We’ll take the hassle out of pond care by removing water, cleaning filters and pumps, removing decayed leaves and algae, pressure washing and vacuuming, replacing UV bulbs, and carrying out water treatments to maintain a healthy pH level.

Whether you need a one-off deep clean or regular visits, we can help. With packages and maintenance frequencies available to suit you, we’ll keep your garden oasis flowing.

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Broadley Aquatics has been designing, building, and maintaining ponds in Leatherhead, Esher, Weybridge, and beyond for many years. Our qualified and highly-experienced aquarists are here to assist you from your initial idea to routine care.

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