Pond Build & Maintenance | London

Broadley Aquatics is a specialist pond building and maintenance company operating across London and the surrounding areas. With a strong reputation, we design, build, and care for beautiful ponds that are cherished centrepieces in London gardens.

Imagine enjoying the serenity of a garden oasis as gentle ripples of water spread across your pond as fish feed at the surface. Or, feel a sense of calm while relaxing as the water gently cascades in your very own garden pond.

Redefining your garden with a pond might seem like a distant dream, but at Broadley Aquatics, we handle the entire project, leaving you with the perfect pond.

A pond is an attractive feature for any garden. You may worry that you don’t have the space; however, we can design a suitable pond for your space.

We specialise in designing bespoke garden ponds in London. Each pond we create is tailored to meet your expectations and designed following in-depth discussions on your needs.

Alternatively, we can adapt and reimagine an existing pond, giving it a new purpose. Once we’ve created the design you love, our experienced builders will begin work.

Pond Building In London

Here at Broadley Aquatics, we have some of the best pool builders in the London area on our team. We know constructing a pond can be disruptive for households with busy schedules, so our friendly builders are fully committed to working around your timetable, minimising noise, and ensuring that your garden remains as neat as possible.

Each pond we construct utilises the very best materials, and our team’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail guarantee outstanding results. Our pond builders have successfully crafted numerous breathtaking ponds across London, all meeting the same exceptional standards.

Upon completion of your pond, we’ll provide guidance on proper maintenance to ensure it continually thrives as a healthy habitat for plants and fish.

Pond Cleaning and Maintenance in London

Every pond is susceptible to algae, dead leaves, and waste, particularly if you have fish. Without regular care, the water can stagnate, posing risks to fish and detracting from the pond’s aesthetic appeal.

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent cloudiness and discolouration and maintain the health of your aquatic life. Our pond cleaning services in London remove this task from your to-do list.

We offer various pond-cleaning treatments, including algae and leaf removal, pond draining, power washing, and filter and pump cleaning. pH balancing ensures your water remains safe for wildlife. Call us, and we can discuss the options that best suit your needs.

Pond Design and Construction in London

Broadley Aquatics provides a comprehensive range of pond building and maintenance solutions in London. Our pond experts excel in design, construction, and maintenance, allowing us to oversee every aspect of pond care.

Call us today to discuss the creation of your new pond.

Why work with Broadley Aquatics?

Surrey’s friendly team of skilled and qualified aquatics specialists for ponds, water gardens, natural swimming pools, streams, waterfalls & landscape gardening. Experts in design, construction, cleaning, repairs, filtration, advice & maintenance. Our skilled aquarists hold over 25 years experience.

Based in Farnham, we have an office open to the public overlooking our aquatics showcase. Pop in to arrange an appointment, discuss ideas, ask a quick question or just say hello! Our team are in the office from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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