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Autumn Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

Autumn Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

Date: 2 November 2023 | By: aqua

Installing a pond is one of the best things you can do for the wildlife in your garden, but it does need to be cared for year-round. And, particularly at this time of year, it’s invaluable to give your pond a thorough clean.

An autumn pond clean is a big, mucky job, and, as aquatic specialists, one that we’re experts in. Let us explain what we do and offer you some helpful advice at the same time:

Removing fallen leaves

Debris and fallen leaves can create havoc for pond pumps and filters, and if left they will build up on the floor of the pond. Over time they will release toxic gases which over time will be hazardous to fish and other aquatic life.

During our pond cleaning and maintenance we would remove all debris and most of the silt build up. Leaving just a small amount as a source of nutrients for waterlilies and a hiding place for wildlife, such as dragonfly larvae and Great Diving Beetles. Rest assured we are always vigilant to check for wildlife that is removed accidentally.

It is best to retain as much of the water from the pond as possible, and to return it once the clean is complete. We have huge pools we bring along precisely for this purpose.

Caring for aquatic plants

Pond life depends on aquatic plants for oxygen, shelter and shade. But too many plants will choke a pond, starving it of sunlight. Therefore it’s important to cut back excess growth in the autumn. Whilst doing so we would clear away any fading foliage to avoid it falling the bottom and also review whether plants need splitting or repotting.

If in need of protection over winter, marginal plants can be covered with polythene bags or horticultural fleece from late autumn.

Removing blanketweed

Blanketweed is a pond pest, and now is a good time to get this cleared, to avoid it taking hold next spring. Where possible, leave it at the side of the pond for a day or two to allow any wildlife that might have been sheltering in it to crawl away.

Managing surrounding plants

Whilst carrying out a pond clean we can also thin out and cut back foliage from plants surrounding the pond. This is to ensure none are overhanging or shading it too much.

Water Treatments

Autumn is the ideal time to administer disease-preventative water treatments for fish. Please let us know is this is something you feel would be necessary and we can ensure we bring a selection of treatments along when we perform the clean.

You can purchase water treatments yourself through Squire’s garden centres

Cleaning features & equipment

Pond pumps, aerators, fountains, and waterfalls all help to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. Pond filters have an even bigger job, in helping to keep the water clean. These additions are crucial to the performance of your pond and therefore important to clean as part of our job. Not only this, but taking pumps and filters apart for cleaning allows us to check parts are in good working order.

We offer pond cleaning and maintenance throughout Surrey and Hampshire. If you would like to arrange an autumn clean for your pond, then please get in touch.  We'll endeavour to get the work carried out before winter arrives.