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Floating plant islands for large ponds

Floating plant islands for large ponds

Date: 4 September 2023 | By: aqua

Floating plant islands are often installed on large ponds and have many benefits.

Visually they offer a beautifully natural display of foliage . Ecologically they provide a valuable habitat for wildlife, offer shade and refuge for aquatic life, and can even help to improve the water quality.

Islands can be customised to the size and shape of your pond, and planted with a diverse range of flowering species to suit your tastes. A good mix could include plants such as Mazus Reptans, Pontederia Cordata, Iris Sibirica and Myosotis Scorpioides. Above water these plants will offer foliage throughout spring and summer. Below water their root systems will offer safety and a perfect breeding ground for small aquatic life. Additionally, since the plants feed on nutrients in the water, they will help to keep the water cleaner and limit the growth of algae.

There are many ways of creating floating plant islands. Our favoured approach is to construct a hollow plastic frame with a coir matting centre, within which the plants will be grown. As the vegetation matures it will create an entirely natural looking island, with trailing plants at the outer edges to provide young waterfowl and amphibians with an easy exit from the water.

Floating plant islands can be installed any time from Spring to Autumn. But depending on the maturity of the plants, they may need to grown-on first to ensure they are of an adequate and robust size for installation. Do plan your install early enough to allow the plants to fully establish before the winter, thus allowing for a wonderful visual display by the following spring.

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