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The Importance of a Spring Pond Clean

The Importance of a Spring Pond Clean

Date: 1 April 2022 | By: aqua

Many types of pond require Spring cleaning to help manage all the leaves and debris that will have accumulated over the autumn and winter months. By now this debris will have turned to sludge which will be sitting at the bottom of the pond, so a professional clean will ensure it can once again provide an ideal environment for your fish and plant life to thrive. Not only this but cleaning your pond will mean it looks its best for you to enjoy throughout the summer months.

A bi-annual deep clean will require the best part of a day to carry out, depending on the size and condition of your pond. Here’s what we do:

Step 1

Clean pump and check it is working effectively, to ensure it will continue to sufficiently clean the water throughout the summer months

Step 2

Dead head and cut back pond plants to encourage new growth.

Step 3

Transfer the pond water and fish to the holding tanks. Most of the pond water will be pumped out before moving the fish. Catching the fish when only a small amount of water remains will make the process much quicker and reduce the amount of stress this could cause them. The point of transfer provides a good opportunity to check the health of the fish too.

Step 4

Remove debris from the bottom of the pond; both by hand and with a professional pond vacuum

Step 5

Lightly pressure wash the pond edging, pond liner, surrounding stone and/or rockery waterfall to clean and remove algae build up

Step 6

Clean and check the condition of the pond filter

Step 7

Rinse the pond and then pump out the residue water

Step 8

Reintroduce the fish and water from the holding tank, ensuring that if the pond requires topping up, this is done slowly to minimise the temperature change and avoid shocking the fish.

Light pond cleans should be done regularly throughout the year. Deep pond cleans, such as the one we have taken you through above, are usually required seasonally, depending on conditions.

Get in touch to talk to us about getting your pond spring ready. Our qualified and experienced team work across the South East and are on hand to assist you with any of your pond cleaning needs. You can pop in and visit us at our concession within Squire’s Badshot Lea, give us a call or complete our online form to arrange a free no obligation quote, or to ask any advice you may need.