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Our expert aquarists hold over 25 years experience in design, construction, cleaning, repairs, filtration, advice & maintenance



We specialise in all types of ponds, natural swimming pools, water gardens, waterfalls, filtration systems, liners, streams, watercourse, rills, water features and all types of aquariums.

Do you require a company to take care of all your outdoor and/or indoor aquatic requirements? Look no further, we are qualified specialists in all aspects of indoor and outdoor aquatics. We design, build and maintain all types of water gardens, ponds, natural swimming pools, watercourse, streams, water-features, rills, streams. We also aquascape, clean and maintain all types of aquariums (tropical, coldwater and marine).
Our office is located as a concession inside Squire’s Garden Centre, Farnham, Surrey. We look after all Squire’s Garden Centre locations throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, Middlesex & Sussex. Our diverse client portfolio extends from private to commercial, with our projects ranging from large scale pond design and construction, to small private garden pond cleaning and maintenance.
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Pond Design, Build, Repair & Renovation

Our dedicated team are experts in the design, build, and renovation of all types of water garden and pond. We also specialise in the construction of waterfalls, streams, rills and fountains. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we ensure our clients are informed and delighted; before, during and after a project is completed.

Pond Cleaning, Servicing & Maintenance

There is a huge difference between a pond deep clean and a maintenance visit. Our qualified and experienced team use specialist equipment to ensure your pond is looking its best. We also suggest or administer treatments.

Filtration Installation, Servicing & Treatments

We can supply and install all types of filtration, pumps and ultra violet units, as well as bespoke Pond Water Treatments to ensure your pond is functioning at full-capacity.

Natural Swimming Pool Design, Build & Renovation

We can design and build from scratch, and sympathetically renovate natural swim pools. Our team will guide you through the process to create and build your garden water sanctuary.

Natural Swimming Pool Cleaning, Servicing & Maintenance

Clear water, achieved through natural filtration, offers a perfect paradise for swimming and being at one with nature. Talk to us today about your natural swim pool maintenance requirements.

Aquarium All Types, Aquascaping, Installation & Maintenance

Aquascaping, deep cleaning and maintaining (regular visits) all types of aquariums. We offer a flexible approach to maintenance, ad-hoc booking or book for the year. Whatever works for you, just let us know and we will accommodate.

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Why work with Broadley Aquatics?

Surrey’s friendly team of skilled and qualified aquatics specialists for ponds, water gardens, natural swimming pools, streams, waterfalls & aquariums. Experts in design, construction, cleaning, repairs, filtration, advice & maintenance. Our skilled aquarists hold over 25 years experience.
We have an office open to the public overlooking our aquatics showcase. Pop in to arrange an appointment, discuss ideas, ask a quick question or just say hello! Our team are in the office from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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